New gym at Octo Place

New gym at Octo Place

TRF Technopark is a progressive boutique gym, that opened in January 2011. We specialize in personal training, martial arts and group classes, focusing on functional training, and core development. We offer ‘text book’ training as well as world class martial arts and cutting edge alternative training techniques. We feel that’s it’s our training variety and options that really makes TRF an experience rather than just training.

Martial arts training in: Kung fu, Kick boxing, Tai Chi, Aikido, Capoeira, MMA and Self defense

Come join our Group classes in: Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Core training

TRF Technopark offer the services of  Biogenetics , Physiotherapy, and Dietary consultations, and massage

TRF would appreciate any suggestions from potential Technopark clients on what services should be available at our venue. Suggestions and queries can be sent to