Strategic Visioning for the Future of Technopark

Strategic Visioning for the Future of Technopark

Strategic visioning for sustainability is considered a vital starting point and a tool for guiding Technopark and Stellenbosch toward a transformation process toward sustainability. Once we know where we are heading, the process of getting there can commence one step at a time, as incremental achievements of transformation toward a collective vision. The Technopark Owners Association Sub-committee for Sustainability and Transformation has proposed a vision that we would like the Technopark community to comment on, add value and discuss. It is not a static vision and needs continuous inputs and improvements and expansion.

There are three distinguishing components that are on the agenda for the Forum discussion of the Sustainable Innovation Stellenbosch Network on the 16th of March at Blaauwklippen at 17:30. It will be an informal forum meeting without a guest speaker, so that participants get the opportunity to network and discuss the various topics whilst getting to taste some lovely Blaauwklippen wine.

1) The Greening of Technopark 2) The Future mandate of Technopark (as a sustainable innovation hub) which includes the vision, constitution and zoning of Technopark and 3) Collaboration and Networking for Innovation and Sustainability (Mode of Understanding [MOU] between the Municipality, the University and Local/ Provincial Government). For an extended version of the current vision and action points, please find this posted on

The Forum of the 16th will be an opportunity to discuss and get involved in the first Agenda point (the Greening of TP) and to comment on the future vision for TP. This initiative has already been kick-started into action as a result of the first Forum meeting and meetings of the TPOA. It has been decided that the dams, which are earmarked as a future public space will be assessed for their ecological status through a study to be conducted by a Stellenbosch University student and GEOSS the first company to volunteer their services to the greening of Technopark. Other greening projects are on the cards including waste and recycling, energy usage, water usage and much more.

Be a part of the change in Technopark, and join the SISN network and forum at Blaauwklippen. To participate please contact or call 079 841 34 96. Please also visit the website and forum discussions on or to follow the various Forum debates and for more detailed information on the projects for change.