Bodyweight Trainer

Bodyweight Trainer

It's official, the winter solstice has passed and the sun is finally begin to rise earlier and earlier!

It may still be cold out there, but we're getting fitter and stronger as the weeks fly by and come the summer time sunshine, we'll all be super 'tight 'n toned'. ;-)

Short and sweet this month... 

We tallied the results of our informal poll and we're happy to announce that next month's programme is...da, da da daaaa...  pure bodyweight fusion.. and a little more descriptive, we're doing Bodyweight Training with weights like you have never seen before.. a whole new dimension awaits! 

News to Use 

On the nutrition side of things, our integrated eating manual is finally finished. Simply put, we have created a quickstart eating guide for health, longevity, vibrant energy and of course, weight management. 

The Food Revolution Quickstart Guide is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) manual based on simple formula, zero calorie counting, real food eating that is practical, affordable and FUN! Most importantly, the results are experienced rapidly too. 

As you know, Bodyweight Trainer promotes the wholistic lifestyle approach of moderation and inspired living. If you're not having fun, seriously... why bother? 

Our guide will be made available to students at no cost and a rediculousy low price of R60 to the general public. 


Stellenbosch - July is our two-4-one special month. If you live or work in the Techno park area, this is your ticket to inspired fitness.. and you get to bring a friend on the house!

Somerset West - We're full.. no, just kidding.. we still have a few spots available in the 18h00 and 19h00 classes. Join one of these classes and bring a friend along to share your pain.. er, I mean passion for superfitness!



Today we celebrate the end of the June programme with 'death by chocolate' CAKE DAY! 


'What?? Surely you can't be serious?', I hear you say... 

Yes, you read it correctly and all will become clear as the month progresses when I introduce you to healthy delights that taste as good as your baker's tastiest confectioneries.. and you can make it at home! 

OK, that's all for now. Bring on the weekend! ;-)

Stay warm and see you soon.

All the best

PS As always, 30% discounts apply to your next month's training when you introduce a friend or colleague to us. 

PPS Thanks for keeping the word-of-mouth going.. We appreciate your kind words about us, as well as the stories about getting your loved ones and friends to try our unique lunges, jumps and bodyweight twisty thingies!