Key to improved business performance

Key to improved business performance

Tackling employee engagement: "Our people are the most important asset of any organisation", is probably one of the most over-used and under-believed statements in the business world today. Companies forget that employees will determine what customers experience, and if they're not engaged and motivated, the experience will not have the desired effect.

Often the solution is not so complex.

Employee engagement can be the master key that unlocks business performance. Successive research exercises over the past five or six years have shown that, without engagement, companies will fail to create a sustainable competitive advantage on a continuous basis (Pickard, 2009). Employees want to invest their skills and knowledge in the organisation and assist it to grow. But few organisations are using employee engagement as a tool to drive business performance.

Employee engagement approaches can help companies deal with the challenges of the recession through establishing mutual trust. This trust can potentially unlock more of the knowledge and commitment of individual employees. One example would be developing ways of performing tasks more effectively and efficiently. Engagement can enable organisations to retain the employees' support while taking and implementing difficult decisions (Noakes, 2009).

Here are 5 points to consider if your staff turnover is high and employee engagement low.

  1. Take scrupulous care to ensure that you recruit the right talented people to whom you can offer a commitment.

  2. Be absolutely sure to develop your people, which, in turn increases their worth to your company. 

  3. Carefully identify your core talent so that you invest scarce resources on developing these people.

  4. Carry out regular employee satisfaction audits.

  5. Get a public statement of commitment from the chief executive and the board on the importance of retaining talent by developing good people management practices.

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