The Green New Deal

After the financial crash and the subsequent economic collapse in 2009, the UN consortium announced the ‘Green New Deal’ which is a stimulus package of over $ 500 Billion earmarked for investment in ‘Green’ Technology and Infrastructure. This compact was designed to set up economies on more sustainable growth paths and trajectories. Countries such as South Korea have already invested billions in this initiative and have shown tremendous progress in stimulating its previously sluggish economy. South Africa has also recently launched the Green Economy plan which forms a fundamental component of the New Economic Growth Plan set out by Minister Patel. Closer to home, the GreenCape initiative seeks to ensure the Western Cape becomes the leading province in the Green-Economy sector. Technopark now has the opportunity to capitalize on this initiative and take the lead via organizing a strategic growth plan and innovation platform for sustainability in alignment with the GreenCape and GreenEconomy initiatives.