From the onset it was considered of great importance to create a development which would be aesthetically pleasing and intensively landscaped.

Whilst it was decided to develop the project in phases it was initially recommended that the entire site be landscaped so as to ensure proper vegetation growth over the enire site.

In the latter regard it was important to extend the "tree line" covering the Stellenbosch Golf Course further westwards in order to break the negative impact that buildings would have on the horison, especially seen from approach roads leading into Stellenbosch and from certain other higher vantage points.

Due to budget constraints the landscaping was however only undertaken for the first phase with the result that no landscaping was implemented west of Techno Road.

At an early stage it was also decided not to lay down stringent architectural guidelines but rather to control building construction through special regulations incorporated into the "planning scheme" of Stellenbosch. Control would therefore rest with the Council who would act on the advice of the Director of Technopark (now Head Planning and Development) and Stellenbosch Aesthetical Committee, who where requested to comment on architectural design drawings submitted to the municipality on an ad hoc basis.