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Comsuite (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 with the vision to create a secure, location aware communication platform for gated communities. Development work on the system continued throughout 2009/10. The ‘eureka moment' happened in early 2010 when we realised that  the toolset is applicable to not only residential communities, but to a variety of physical and virtual communities.  

Our service objective is to provide a unique basket of integrated communication, social networking, marketing and loyalty service components. All of this is of course only possible with a great team of very special people: sales and marketing, business management, system integration and GIS & IT development expertise.

Abuzz is in essence a secure networking platform with a number of value-added services. Our aim is to create as many communities as possible and then link these communities to each other via our communications tools. Imagine having a single point of entry with a host of communication and networking tools where you can interact with a number of communities, that’s abuzz!

An abuzz Corporate Member is any club, institution or organisation who wishes to create, grow and sustain their own community. Their main goal is to create a sense of belonging for their community members by remaining in constant communication with them as well as providing these community members with benefits, keeping them coming back for more.

An abuzz Individual Member is any person who joins the abuzz community in their private capacity in order to receive the abuzz benefits

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