Sustainable Innovation Stellenbosch Network

What is the SISN?

The Sustainable Innovation Stellenbosch Network is an attempt to mobilize the business community of Stellenbosch into understanding the opportunities for developing strategies for a new business functioning for sustainability. The Sustainable innovation approach distances itself from the prescriptive environmental management and compliance approach. Instead the (human) energy, intellect and  resources within the company are mobilized into ‘innovative’ practices and culture in various ways. This approach seeks to adopt new sustainable methods for business services and products. It may go as far as directing the core business toward sustainability objectives. This requires various forms of innovation – however, primarily innovation for sustainability. This need not accrue any costs to the organization and could be achieved by simple organizational restructuring and ethical reconfiguration toward sustainability principles. In most cases this has served the organization well. 

The Sustainable Innovation Stellenbosch Network is an attempt to provide a platform for the business community of Stellenbosch to: 

  • Engage with each other and experts around the ideas of sustainability and innovation.
  • To build a community of practice and build relationships and ties between the local government, the university and other businesses. 
  • To engage in idea sharing, knowledge transfer and experimentation.
  • To incorporate new knowledge for sustainability and innovation into business practice.

The Forum

The SISN Forum is the intervention phase and startup of the SISN, lasting six months. The intervention also serves as a Stellenbosch University Research project simultaneously providing the initial impetus for the startup of the SISN. The breakfast forum meetings are held on a monthly basis till June 2011. Here several expert speakers will give presentations on various elements that represent opportunities for Technopark and Stellenbosch communities. The primary purpose of the Forum meetings is to mobilize these communities into action for sustainability and thereby organically formulate the SISN. Furthermore, the forum meetings will be encouraged to create sub-groups to tackle sustainability problems within Technopark such as recycling, infrastructure, ecology etc. These sub-groups will be able to register any reasonable discussion on this site and seek to work in conjunction with the goals of the TPOA. Visit our Forums for more details.