University of Stellenbosch

Established in 1999, InnovUS is the technology transfer company of Stellenbosch University. We are geared towards facilitating the commercial exploitation of intellectual property (IP) emanating from the University’s faculty members and students – inventors, as we prefer to call them.

In a nutshell, we help these inventors commercialise their innovations, making their ideas a viable reality by:

  • Preventing premature disclosure of ideas to maximise competitive advantage;
  • Promoting the understanding and protection of their intellectual property;
  • Establishing the feasibility of their ideas;
  • Registering and patenting usable innovations;
  • Facilitating licensing or the establishment of spin-out companies for their financial gain, and
  • Assisting in publicising and applying their research output to industry.

Our activities are closely linked to Stellenbosch University’s mission to create and sustain, in commitment to the academic ideal of excellent scholarly and scientific practice, an environment within which knowledge can be discovered, shared and applied to the benefit of the community