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ITEMATE™ Solutions provides operational and business support systems to operations in mainly the mobile, fixed line and VOIP telecommunications data and voice industry.

Other industries include:

  • Electricity
  • Lottery
  • Any other industry that utilizes prepaid mechanisms as a payment gateway for delivery of its services.

Our innovative suite of products is used effectively to maximize revenue potential by optimizing the network product process flow.

Utilizing P2P value added services, our solutions provide the operator with real time management and reporting for recharge channels with reference to products such as recharge vouchers, EVD, SIM cards, handsets, etc. integrating with all aspects of the operator’s business chain.

Implementation enables:

  • Fraud protection,
  • Revenue assurance,
  • Leakage minimization, and
  • Fastest time to market; effectively maximizing the operator’s revenue potential from logical product delivery.