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Pilbeam is an IT service company with expertise in serving small and medium size businesses in various industries and sectors worldwide.

Pilbeam was established in 1993 in the UK, and has since expanded to Europe, United States and South Africa.

The company has been growing over the past 15 years, helping us recruit a number of highly skilled personnel with high technical skills, but also with a flair for personal care for our clients.

In 2008, we employed over 50 people worldwide with revenues of over ZAR20million.

Our services are primarily focused on how we offer clients a better, differentiated service than our competitors, delivering results that actually help our client’s businesses, in turn enhancing our reputation.

Our clients use our services because we possess specific combination of skills in consulting, ability to assess clients’ business needs, coupled with the provision of solutions that they really need, around the clock support, and backed by strong commercial insight.

Pilbeam specialises in helping managers to improve their business and IT alignment. We understand the dilemmas you face and the speed with which results are needed.