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The PGA Professional is the expert

RetailTribe is committed to the belief that the golfer is better served by doing business with the expert who can improve their golf and increase their enjoyment of the game: the PGA Professional. That extends to the belief that the whole golf industry, including suppliers and golf clubs, is better off with the PGA Professional at the center of the community.

Using the Internet to help the PGA Professional Retail

Tribe uses the internet and mobile networks to maintain and publish websites and publish and dispatch email marketing newsletters and campaigns on behalf of the PGA Professional at a green-grass facility (golf club or range or teaching facility), to their customers and members. 

RetailTribe has a team of marketing and authoring experts who know how to produce campaigns and write content that will drive golfers to the PGA Professional making that Professional the center of their golf community. 

Seven years of success

We have come a long way since we authored, published and dispatched our first email newsletter on behalf of Rory Garton, the PGA Professional at Bryanston Country Club in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg in September 2004. 

Today we provide our service to over 1200 PGA Professionals in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. During the last seven years our belief that the PGA Professional delivers a better result to the golfer has only been strengthened. The stories of improvement and superior solutions for golfers abound at every golf club. They just need to be told. 

The results of our efforts can be seen in the improved customer interaction in the stores and on the ranges, the increased sales and better profits in the businesses and the improved relationships between PGA Professionals and their golf clubs. 

What skills do we deliver 

Our people at RetailTribe bring the skill in telling the story of success for the PGA Professional. Our Authors, Designers and Editors know how to get the messages across to golfers in an interesting way. They know how to present the story in a way that allows the golfer to UNDERSTAND better why they are better off working with their PGA Professional and to VALUE more the result that the PGA Professional can deliver. Then all they need to do is find effective ways to communicate the PGA Professional’s success in their own club to help the members and golfers BELIEVE and TRUST that they too can benefit. 

Within the management team at RetailTribe there is over 70 years experience of working with the largest retailers in the world on retail strategy, supply chain management and customer marketing. Some of that is specific to the golf industry, but a large portion is from outside enabling us to bring best practice from other industries to the PGA Professional. 

Offices in the US, UK and South Africa 

Although we are now global, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, we remain a company committed to the detail to support each PGA Professional as an individual customer. That includes tracking the results and impact we are having for each customer in each and every week of the year. We are here to help build your sales. That is done one sale and one customer at a time and needs the passion and focus we bring. 

We will never lose our focus on your results 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to this mission and our commitment to provide the very best service and the very best solution possible for each of our customers. We aim to be the back room that provides big retailer marketing muscle to the PGA Professional. That way we deliver the biggest result for the PGA Professional with the least effort on their part. The PGA Professional is already delivering the results, we just need to help make sure everybody can hear the success stories. 

The success of our customers is the proof that our philosophy - “the individual, expert retailer, using the advances in communication to market their services and expertise and strengthen relationships with customers, will be the dominant force in the 21st century” – is correct. We need you to help us deliver that proof.

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