Abuzz community

Comsuite (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 with the vision to create a secure, location aware communication platform for gated communities. Development work on the system continued throughout 2009/10. The ‘eureka moment' happened in early 2010 when we realised that  the toolset is applicable to not only residential communities, but to a variety of physical and virtual communities.  

Bakkes Images

Bakkes Images specializes in the commercial photography of wine, wine estates, food, restaurants, hospitality, landscapes, products and portraiture. Through these fields we professionally cater for all our clients' needs whether it be marketing, advertising, promotional or documentary.


The PGA Professional is the expert

RetailTribe is committed to the belief that the golfer is better served by doing business with the expert who can improve their golf and increase their enjoyment of the game: the PGA Professional. That extends to the belief that the whole golf industry, including suppliers and golf clubs, is better off with the PGA Professional at the center of the community.

Using the Internet to help the PGA Professional Retail